A Brother's Love - The Snowglobe Man


The Snowglobe Man

Jim's talent in repairing Snow globes reaches far and wide and people from all over the world contact him for help in restoring their treasures.  

With an artistic eye, he has not only brought many snow globes 'back to life' but has created some treasures from scratch. 

 If you'd like to learn more about his professional approach to this increasingly popular gift, or if you have a snow globe that needs repairs, 

I'm sure he'd be delighted to hear from you.  902 443 3788  thelmaandjim@eastlink.ca 



One of the disadvantages of living the military lifestyle is that it often  takes you many miles away from family.  

Now that we have retired to Petawawa, Ontario  I don't get to see my family in Nova Scotia as often as I'd like. 

 But one day recently when I was particularly 'down' a parcel arrived in the mail from my brother.

    I wasn't expecting anything and  couldn't believe my eyes when I opened the well wrapped box. 

         It was not only wrapped with much love, but the contents took my breath away.  

                                My brother Jim, unbeknownst to me, made this absolutely beautiful snow globe  which I will treasure forever. 

       On one side is a replica of my first book,  Hurry Up and Wait and on the reverse is my latest book, My Love, My Life.  

      All the roses you see inside the globe, were hand carved using a Dremel tool. Believe me, the tears flowed freely - 

               especially when I read the engraving underneath the globe: "Proud of you, Bro".  

  Jim, words can't express how much your loving gesture has meant to me and each time I shake the globe and play the music box (The Entertainer) 

          I fondly think of you as the glitter in the globe brings the flowers to life.  

There is no one more proud of you and your accomplishments than I am and I hope every time you view this page, 

 you know a big HUG is being sent your way.    Love You Bro!

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